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HONDA Baltic Offshore Week 2008

Offshore ORCi Championship for Finland and Estonia

July,22nd to 27th, 2008

Notice of Race

    ESS Kalev Jahtklubi, Nyländska Jaktklubben and Avomeripurjehtijat (The Association of Finnish Offshore Sailors ).

  2. RULES
    The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing ( RRS), the Rules for the Finnish Offshore Championship, the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and the ORCi rules and regulations and this Notice of Race (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions) and the Sailing Instructions. The Regatta is designated ISAF Category C. All participating boats must carry advertisements supplied by the organizers in accordance with rule 20.3.d.

    The regatta is open to all boats having a valid ORCi measurement certificate. Said certificate has to be dated not later than July 10
    th, 2008. Exceptions to this rule may be granted only if agreed before that date.

    The skipper and the crew members of participating boats have to be members of a member club of the Finnish or the Estonian Sailing Federation or a similar foreign club. The skipper or the owner or the owner’s representative, if he is part of the crew of the boat, has to be a member of the class organization Avomeripurjehtijat – Havskappseglarna or a similar foreign association.

    All participants in the long offshore race are required to carry a valid passport or an official EU identity card..

    Participating boats are divided into classes according to ORCi Rule 003
    as follows:
    Class GPH
    ORCi 1 ->610
    ORCi 2 610,1 – 650
    ORCi 3 650,1->

    Classes may be combined at the Race Committee’s discretion.

    X-99 boats will participate in the W/L races starting as a separate class.

    Entries should be submitted to the website using the entry form available there not later than July 10
    th, 2008. All required entry forms will be available from April 1st, 2008

    An entry is considered valid only when the entry fee has been fully paid.
    When submitting the payment, „BOW 2008” should be mentioned in the „comments” field as should the boat’s sail number and the skipper’s name

    The entry fee for classes ORCi 1 is 250€ and for classes ORCi 2 and ORCi 200€.

    An additional fee of 150€ will be added for late entries.

    Entry fees are to be paid to the following account of Kalev Jahtklubi:
    IBAN EE 652200 22100210 0774



    Tue. 22.7.

    at 12.00–20.00


    Wed. 23.7.

    at 9.00-15.00
    at 16.00
    at 18.00

    Skipper meeting
    Offshore racing

    Thu. 24.7.

    Finish day, Offshore Race

    Fri. 25.7.

    at 11.00

    1-2 course racing
    Coast racing
    Pirita by Night event

    Sat. 26.7.

    at 11.00

    2-3 course racing
    After Sail and Award Ceremony

    Sun. 27.7.

    Spare day

    *No races will be held on the Spare Day if the Offshore race and two or more other races have been completed

    The base harbor for the regatta is the Pirita harbor in Tallinn. Moorings will be attributed to participating boats by a representative of the Organizing Bodies or the Harbor.
    Boats are requested to stay at the attributed moorings between the races.

    Participating boats should arrive to the Pirita harbor not later than 10.00 on July 23
    rd. At least one representative has to be on or at each boat.
    The harbor fees from July 22
    nd to 27th are included in the entry fee.

    Sailing Instructions will be available at the regatta office from 12.00 on Tuesday, July 22nd. The following documents are required:
    - measurement certificate with appendices
    - valid boat certificate issued by National Authority or Sailing Club
    - crew list, list of sails to be used. Forms available at event website
    - insurance certificate


    Boats are required to be equipped as specified in the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations for Category 3 without life raft with the following exceptions:
    - Spare navigation lights do not have to meet the requirements for main navigation lights but they must have a separate power source (3.27.4).
    - A functioning VHF telephone is required. Exception (3.29.1 ii): The antenna must be installed at least 2 m above deck level. The VHF communication must be on continuously during races. A hand-held VHF telephone is not required.
    - White hand flares and orange smokes are not required.

    The organizers emphasize that the skipper is always responsible for the safety of the boat and its crew.

    The numbers in the sails have to correspond to those given in the measurement certificate. All sails need to be measured and stamped before the races. Control checks of boats, equipment and crew will be undertaken after the individual races.

    Boats have to be insured for third party damages up to 500.000€.

    The starts and the windward/leeward races will take place on the course area „A”.(North of the Pirita river). The coastal race will be sailed outside of the Estonian coast and the offshore race on the Gulf of Finland.

    The Estonian nautical charts 504, 507, 509, 610, 302 or corresponding charts are required.

    12.1 Addendum to RRS 78.4: “Compliance with Class Rules”: If a boat has broken any ORC rule or regulation to a non significant extent, an amount of time corresponding to 1-3% of its sailed time shall be added to that time.
    12.2 Alternative penalties
    - For the offshore race, scoring penalties according to 44.3 will be applied
    - In the Windward/Leeward races rule 44.2 will be applied so that the two turns (720 deg.) penalty is replaced by a one turn (360 deg.) penalty
    – If a boats breaks any rule in Part 4 or Part 6, the protest committee may replace the disqualification penalty by a scoring penalty worsening her position by 1-3 places. This will not be applied when the rule 41 or 42 has been broken. This changes Rule A 4.1.
    12.3 Sailing during the dark hours
    During the dark period, RRS will be replaced by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.

    Results are to be calculated using the ORC approved method where wind conditions are taken into consideration. Scoring is based on ISAF’s low point system modified to give the first finisher 0.75 points instead of 1 point.
    The weight coefficient for the various race types are as follows:
    - Offshore race 1.4
    - Coastal race 1.2
    - Windward/Leeward races 1.0
    If 4 or 5 W/L races are sailed the worst result will be excluded. No result in the offshore race or coastal race will be excluded.

    Prizes will be awarded as follows:
    - Championship medals issued by the Finnish and Estonian Sailing Federations will be distributed to the first three boats in class ORCi 1 and ORCi 2. The number of medals awarded to each boat equals the number of persons sailing simultaneously on that boat. The ORCi 3 class is not entitled to Finnish Championship status and championship medals will be replaced by other corresponding prizes.
    - Trophies of Avomeripurjehtijat – Havskappseglarna to be awarded as will be specified in the Sailing Instructions .

    All prizes will be awarded at the prize giving ceremony and those awarded are therefore expected to participate in that ceremony.

  10. DISCLAIMER of responsibility
    Competitors take part in the regatta on their own sole responsibility in accordance with RRS rule 4. The organizers do not accept any responsibility for any material or personal damages or deadly accidents that happen in connection with the regatta or before, during or after the regatta.


ESS Kalev Jahtklubi
Kristi Salmistu
tel +372 623 9154
GSM +372 504 5954

Avomeripurjehtijat ry - Havskappseglarna rf
(The Association of Finnish Offshore Sailors)
Kristina Lindqvist
tel +358 9 621 5055

NJK Nyländska Jaktklubben
Patrick Andersson
GSM + 358 40 540 4862

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